The Best 8

The gaming, entertainment, and hospitality industry is not only one of the most fun areas to work in, it’s also incredibly unique!  Where else could you start the day chatting with a couple from Australia, spend your (paid) lunch learning about the Keto diet from a registered dietitian, and end the day ushering guests at a Kiss concert?  The average day is anything but average.

Our Team Members come from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds, and we pride ourselves on continuous improvement at every turn.  We offer free training courses, management programs, and even tuition reimbursement to ensure that every Team Member has his or her best chance to grow with us.


We work in such uniquely dynamic industry, and don’t get us wrong: we work hard to achieve the success we have!  But we also take time to play like no other.  Our quarterly Team Meetings aren’t your run-of-the-mill events: Young MC dropped by to perform at one…at another, we had a full on game show complete with a slot tournament for Team Members to compete in.  Our meetings are catered, everyone gets a gift, and yes, we dance.

Each month, 9 Team Members are recognized as Team Member of the Month (three from each property), nominated by both peers and supervisors.  Besides bragging rights, the award comes with a paid day off, special parking privileges, a fancy certificate, and a pretty substantial check!  At the end of the year, our Team Member of the Year banquet is a true black tie affair, complete with an elegant meal fit for kings and queens (and yes, that award comes with an even BIGGER check!).

Our Team Members respect one another, and often grow into a close-knit family.  At the end of the day, we’re all working toward the same goal, and we have each others’ backs.